Monday, March 15, 2010

Many people think that beetles can't fly because they look like they have a "shell" like a turtle, but most beetles can fly. They pop open their elytra (pronounced el-i-truh, see here or forewings and underneath they have flying wings, as you can see on this dung beetle. This is an earth-boring dung beetle (genus Geotrupes), so named because it and many of its relatives dig burrows in the ground that almost look like they were made with a drill. One of its relatives digs burrows that average 6 feet deep and sometimes digs up to 10 feet deep, which is a long way for a beetle to dig. I'll try to post a picture of this relative, called a Florida Deep-Digger Scarab Beetle, or Peltotrupes profundus.


  1. Great post! geotrupids and scarabines are wonderful beetles, my favorite, and great blog! Link!!

  2. Can they bite?
    i caught one and it's HUGE!!!! (1 inch long...1/2 inch wide!!!!!!)
    i really want to touch it, but im not sure.

  3. Scarab beetles are harmless and very beneficial. I decided to excavate a burrow one time and eventually came to the end of the burrow at the depth of seven feet five inches. It was straight down! Wonderful little excavator the scarab. I sure learned why he is called the deep-digger!